Unseen Hitler footage from 1932

Posted on October 16, 2010

I spend most of my time transferring peoples home movies and video tapes to DVD but occasionally something special turns up!

One morning a gentleman called and said he needed a 16mm film put on to DVD urgently… today …now! I said no problem bring it round.

He arrived with the film… not on a reel… as a pancake! (un-spooled coiled film) First job, put it on a reel… not easy as I don’t have facilities for film pancakes. If you let the thing slip and it unreels… big trouble! Fortunately it was a short film, I carefully removed the center plug, placed my finger through the hole and, wearing my white gloves, attached the end of the film to the take up spool on the projector.

Now being told this was a very precious film, I was NOT going to use the projector motor… I wound it on by hand. After about 15 minutes of winding it was done, on the reel ready to show! It was footage shot by the gentleman’s father in 1932 on a plane with Mr. Adolph Hitler, and sitting behind him eating a hard-boiled egg was Joseph Goebbels, also on-board was Hitler’s entourage and bodyguards. This amazing material, never seen before, is on its way to the Imperial War Museum.

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