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Gustav Holst meets Thomas Hardy on 16mm

I had occasion to copy three films that were made in the 1970s. One was 16mm the other two were Super 8mm. The interesting thing was that they had a soundtrack that had been recorded separately and mastered onto Audio CD. The films were captured at a frame rate of 24fps for 16mm and 18fps for Super 8mm. This odd frame rate was used to stop frame jitter. I then ...

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Bowled Over

In 1965 I went with a tenpin bowling team to a tournament in Paris. We hadn't been bowling very long so we didn't do very well but we saw some great teams performing!... all captured on 8mm film... silent of course. About that time I had written and recorded a bowling song 'Lets go Bowling'. I've since transferred the film to Video and edited it to the record. I ...

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