Supported Formats

The bulk of the work carried out here is basically converting old formats over to new formats. So in addition to supporting as many of these new formats as possible, we also have to keep a kind of ‘museum of film and video equipment’ just so that we can support as many requests as possible.

We can convert the following formats (clicking on the format name will bring up the respective Wikipedia article).

Video formats supported

These are the destination formats that they can be converted or copied to.

  • MiniDV
  • Hard Drive or Memory Stick

We can also encode your material in a format that can be used with your computer, so that you can perhaps do some editing yourself, or maybe put a clip on your web site or even upload to YouTube. We can convert it to any format you like, but these are the most common and should cover any application you might have.

  • AVI : Ideal format for editing standard definition material on PC.
  • HDV : Hi-Def MPEG2 format. Works with Adobe Premiere Pro & Apple iMovie.
  • QuickTime : Ideal for editing standard or high definition on a Mac.
  • WMV : Good for playback from PC or networked media device.
  • H.264/MPEG-4 : Ideal format for web based video.