Why Telecine Guy?

Before you spend any money on having your films and videotapes transferred, you should really know a bit about the people that you’re going to trust with your priceless reels of film.

Telecine Guy has been involved in cine film work since the 1960s and has filmed all over the world using numerous film and video formats. And now his telecine and video transfer work is part of his studio-based retirement.

So here are some good reason’s why you should trust Telecine Guy with your next cine film or videotape transfer:

• Every film and video transfered is overseen by an engineer with 40 years of experience in advising, filming, editing and processing.

• Every film and video transfered will go through a colour correction process to achieve a natural looking picture, and in addition the level adjustment is applied to get a nice vibrant finish. Both of these proceedures are carried out as standard.

• All work is carried out in the home studio of a semi-retired engineer, so you’ll find the costs are amoung the lowest that you’ll find.