20th Century Glamour

Posted on May 2, 2014

Last month I had a bunch of 16mm films to transfer to DVD. They were a mix of 50, 100, & 400ft reels, also some on hubs, which had to be put onto reels first to be transferred. The earliest was dated 1934, the latest in the late 1960s, all in very good condition and mostly family holidays. There was also brief footage of the 1937 Coronation and the Wimbledon Men’s final with the men playing in long white trousers!

The films were a mixture of black & white and colour, a trip to Niagara Falls in the ’30s, a safari in Africa in the ’50s and lots of holidays in the UK. I always find it fascinating to see the family children growing up, and the change in fashion over the years with films that go back so far in time.

Another batch of films I had were all of Grand Prix in Britain, Austria and Belgium between 1965 & 1975. Obviously taken by a motor racing fan arranging holidays with Grand Prix dates. interesting to see how the F1 cars have changed.

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